A Little About Me

My Story

I have always had a keen eye for order and beauty.  

Growing Up

My mother was the one who instilled the importance of tidiness.  It was her way of keeping her sanity.  With integrity and determination, she maintained a well-kept home that reassured us all that everything was more than okay.  “When everything is put in its place”, she would say, “you can relax and enjoy the space you’re in.”  

As a mom of 3, I could not do it day in and day out without order and routine.  In fact, when the wheels feel like they are coming off, I know what is needed. Order. I remember the day I was so frustrated that our pantry was full but I didn’t feel like we had anything to make dinner.  I pulled everything out and grouped items that made sense to our family.  I then purchased relatively inexpensive baskets to store my grouped items.  Planning monthly meals and using a household chore agenda helps me stay on top of things and allows us the freedom to invite people into our home and make more time for each other.

A Big Move
We moved cross country a few years back.  Decluttering every part of our home, including behind closed doors like the garage, closets, and pantry, was no small task but it brought me so much peace and joy. Our home sold the day we put it on the market!  Our realtor assumed we had it staged.  

Something New

After the big move, I knew that I needed to be available for my girls and take time to make our new house our home.  Once we were settled, we had several visitors, friends and family alike.  

One guest was so encouraged and inspired. She called a few weeks after her visit and said that she had taken two carloads of clothing to the women’s shelter and was now going to go through her books stating, “I don’t know why I’ve held onto all of this.  It feels so good to get rid of things I’m not using anymore.”  

Most recently, I was staying with a family member out of town and she asked my opinion on her closet.  She wanted to pare down her wardrobe and make the most of the closet she shared with her husband.  We began to  empty her closet and going through each piece of clothing.  In just a few hours, we had 4 bags of donations and a fresh new closet.   This was so much fun for us both and the results have been life-changing. 

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